Explainer video process

Color style tests for the upcoming explainer video we’re doing for outdoor stays and camping marketplace company Hipcamp.

Picking up unusual combinations of colors is one of our favorite activities.

Some combinations look boring, some are too crazy. As a result, in any case, we are looking for a mix: what alignment finds most of the brand’s target audience + what looks fresh and cool.

This is a test scene from a storyboard:

The dude is standing near his car and holding his phone in his hand, playing with filters on the Hipcamp website, choosing the optimal place for his family for a future trip.

Let’s see what options we have prepared.

So let’s take turns.

A nice combination.

A little more fun and unusual. We also like it when the character’s skin color is unusually beige. Very often clients are asked not to emphasize that the main character is white, but to do either a variety of races or to make a character of a neutral color — blue, purple, or as in this case, red

On the one hand, it’s stylish. On the other hand, we found it boring.

Tenderness and forest adventures — hmm, not sure.

One of our favorite options

A bright green backpack looks especially cool.
I think it could be a cool video about the future, new technologies, blockchain, but it doesn’t really fit into the adventure-tourism theme.

And we stopped there, after all.
The colors don’t scream, but everything looks harmonious.
A lot of green is what we needed.

Which one did you like the most?

Stay tuned; we will show the final video in a few weeks.

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